Extraction processing
Turbo or whirl extraction is mainly applied to set the concentration balance between solution and drug residue.
Percolation is used in our efforts to extract as high a concentration of extract as possible with regard to active substances. Alpinamed AG has a 4-step percolation plant, which in terms of technological features is state-of-the-art.
Modern distillation technology (thin-layer centrifugal or falling film evaporator) enables the manufacture of extracts with heat-sensitive active substances. Extremely gentle distillation and concentration can be achieved thanks to the low processing temperature and short duration.

Drying & Finish
The dried macerate / percolate extracts are concentrated to form a thick glutinous or spissum extract. This is then gently dried in the vacuum drying cabinet at as low a temperature as possible.
The dried raw extract is crushed in special mills and sieved until the corresponding granulometry is achieved. Necessary dry granulation brings the extracts into the required form by means of compacting. These extracts can finally be encapsulated or directly pressed.

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